Amplify Research takes great pride in the advanced usages of technology that we have implemented in our state-of-the-art facility. We utilize the best methods available to ensure that what we provide our clients with products that are high in quality, convenient, and easy to use.

These services include:

Audio + Video
Professional video and audio recording that can be delivered to our clients on DVD, CD media or flash drive. Our Instant Audio service has your audio files ready within 1 hour and our Quick Turnaround Video is ready within 12 hours of the final session. In addition to physical media, our video and audio recordings can be downloaded digitally for future reference.
Full usability monitoring with video and audio recording capabilities. When clients want to see how a respondent works in a controlled environment, our facility has the full functionality to do just that. Highlights of this service include a large 24″ flat panel monitor for respondents, picture-in-picture high resolution video and a 40″ flat panel monitor for observers. Clients walk away with neat and organized video and audio files of each usability test.
Live Streaming
Live streaming capabilities to any computer with an internet connection through the integration of the powerful and secure WebEx meeting service and Amplify’s own proprietary system. This highly secure system allows clients to log in through a project-specific password, watch the groups in real time, and use the chat function to communicate with each other while the groups are taking place.
Exceptional Staff
Quick and highly trained technical staff members are always available to ensure that all our services and features are easily understood and easy to use.