Partner Bios

Katherine Horrocks


Katherine co-founded Amplify Research Partners with a vision for engineering a better research experience through superior project oversight; focusing on streamlined coordination and precision detail planning.

Having led project management teams and facility operations in top California facilities, Katherine has an insider’s knowledge of how to get a project done right, and just what a strong qualitative team is capable of. She has created her own databank of facility and recruiting capabilities throughout the US in both major markets and secondary markets. Katherine has extensive experience with multi-phase projects, product placements and sequential testing coordination, as well as message boards and online focus groups.

As a qualitative consultant, Katherine has listened to hundreds of consumers speak about a wide range of topics ranging from financial services, to food products and consumer packaged goods. Katherine thrives on helping clients understand their customers and illuminating best ways to position their products and brands.

Michaelyn Williams


Michaelyn co-founded Amplify Research Partners in 2008 with the goal of providing clients a full service partner in their research experience. Michaelyn has worked to create processes and infrastructure rooted in stringent quality control and detailed project oversight, resulting in reliable, well-executed research projects.

Formerly the Vice President of Qualitative Services with one of California’s top rated focus group facilities, Michaelyn has years of experience coordinating complex qualitative projects and managing day-to-day operations at multiple focus group facility locations. Her role also included management of the company call center, business development, staff development, and strategic planning. She also formerly served as Treasurer for the Northwest Chapter of the Market Research Association.

Michaelyn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from UC Berkeley.